Beautiful Chinese-English Wedding at Leez Priory

12th July 2019

For a day that threatened rain all week, Jeff and Sam ended up having glorious sunshine for their wedding. With a blend of English and Chinese cultures and a beautiful outdoor ceremony in front of the great tower. It really made for a special one at Leez Priory.

Leez Priory manor house wedding venue in Essex.

“No money, no hunny”

Before Jeff was allowed to marry Sam, he had to pass a series of challenges set out by the bridesmaids. To prove his love for his bride. First of the games was “no money, no hunny” in which Jeff had to give the bridesmaids red envelopes or ‘hongbao’ filled with money before he was allowed to enter the next room. I absolutely loved seeing the brilliant challenges Jeff and his grooms party had to do!

The ceremony

Luckily, you will be pleased to hear, they passed the challenges! So their beautiful outdoor ceremony went ahead. Surrounded by all their nearest and dearest (and even family coming all the way from Malaysia) for the celebrations. Sam looked absolutely stunning, and I don’t know which of her wedding dresses I loved more!

After their official wedding ceremony, they had an utterly beautiful traditional tea ceremony. Serving tea to the parents and elders is a way of showing respect. As well as thanking them for their love and support. Also letting the bride’s family know that she is now part of their family and will be looked after. What a beautiful way for two families to become one!

Don’t take my word for it though, keep scrolling to see the beautiful day unfold! And a very happy 1st anniversary to Jeff and Sam, wishing you a lifetime of happiness together!


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