McDonald’s & Prosecco Engagement Shoot – Leah & Craig

Man comically feeds fiancée McDonald's chips in open field at sunset.

McDonald’s and prosecco, need I say more?

Finally getting round to sharing this super fun engagement shoot with you!
Leah and I basically grew up together, we went to the same schools since nursery and so did our sisters! So I was so honoured when she told me she knew she wanted me as her photographer as soon as Craig proposed! I mean can I ask for a better compliment?

Leah and Craig opted to go for a sunset shoot with blossom trees, which I was so excited for. Then Leah text me “Would it be possible to do some funny photos with a bottle of prosecco and McDonald’s?” As everyone says she loves them more than her other half! My response? Oh my god, absolutely!!!

Now knowing Leah as I do, I knew she would be up for just having fun with this shoot. But it would be the first time meeting Craig, and he is just as funny and mad as Leah! This was one of my favourite shoots that I’ve done. We had such a laugh, and the shoot was totally them. Which is what it’s all about, do something for your shoot that screams you! With piggybacks, feeding each other McDonald’s and lots of prosecco, you can see the genuine love and laughter in each photo.

Now have a scroll through their session and try telling me that you didn’t laugh at the photos too!

*Side note – All rubbish was cleared away and taken home at the end of the shoot, we’re no litter bugs here!!

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